About our Company

Barking Waters sounds like such a “cutesy” name, doesn’t it?

Actually Barking Waters is the English translation of the Creek Indian word Wewoka (We-Woe-kuh).

After the Creek/Seminoles arrived in Indian Territory, now called Oklahoma, they settled near a creek with a small waterfall.  And, true to the Native American nature, they named the area for the sound the water made as it went over the waterfall – Barking Waters.

The photo on my header is the actual creek that my business is named for.  You can still go visit the very spot.  Just stop in at the Seminole Nation Museum and ask for directions if you’re ever in Wewoka, OK.

Ok, now you know what the name means, let me tell you why I chose it for my business name.

I am Seminole/Creek/Cherokee Indian.  I spent most of my youth growing up in Wewoka, which is the capital of the Seminole Indian Nation, and felt it only fitting for my business name to represent not only a place, but my history and my culture.

So, welcome, I hope you find things of interest here.